Humminbird AS-GPS-HS GPS Sensor



Model Number: 408400-1

Condition: Brand New

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Humminbird AS-GPS-HS GPS Sensor

Model: 408400-1

  • Compatible with the following models: all APEX (requires the AS GPS adapter), all SOLIX (requires AS GPS NMEA adapter), all HELIX 15/12/ 10/ 9/8, all HELIX 7 G2N, G3N and G4N, all MEGA 360 Imaging models, all AS 360 Imaging models, all ONIX Series*, 859ci HD Combo, 859ci HD DI Combo, 859ci HD XD Combo, 899ci HD SI Combo, 959ci HD Combo, 959ci HD DI Combo, 959ci HD XD Combo, 999ci HD SI Combo, 1159ci HD Combo, 1159ci HD DI Combo, 1159ci HD XD Combo, 1199ci HD SI Combo
  • Receiver dimensions: 3.25″ diameter, 1.5″ high and comes with 20′ cable and has a 1″-14 thread count stem mountable with an optional antenna stem (antenna stem not included).
  • This receiver requires software 6.570 or higher in the compatible Humminbird Legacy products.
  • Note: SOLIX and ONIX Series require purchase of AS GPS NMEA cable for connection. APEX requires the AS GPS adapter
  • Note: this GPS receiver WILL NOT work with InterLink.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

The AS GPS HS is a precision GPS receiver with heading sensor provides fast position fixes with an accuracy within 2.5 meters. An internal compass also provides constant boat heading displayed on your Humminbird chart screen, even while sitting still. This heading sensor makes it easy to understand your boat’s direction in correlation to the GPS chart for precision boat control.

What’s in the Box:

  • Sensor with internal GPS Receiver and Compass. Cable length is 20 ft (6m).
  • Hardware kit for stem or deck mounting
  • Installation Guide